Struggling? Unsure why?

It’s not unusual for individuals to be struggling or stressed or frustrated and know that something isn’t right, but not know specifically what’s wrong. It’s quite common. Many people come to their first counseling session with a very clear awareness that some area in their life is challenging and/or stressful but struggle in their attempt to explain what’s going on in simply logical terms. It’s also very common for individuals coming to counseling to be experiencing frustration and stress due to an inability to change and behave differently in the midst of their circumstances no matter how hard they try. It may be a problem with work or relationships, or responsibilities or loss of some kind but all that is clear is that life is hard right now, and stress and frustration is mounting. And perhaps talking to family or close friends about the stress is either not an option or for some reason, isn’t helpful at this time.

It is during the very first counseling appointment, that the therapist will begin a process of clarification concerning the areas you are struggling with, frustrated or stressed over. This first session in counseling is generally called the intake appointment. The goal of this appointment is for the therapist to find out your concerns and level of stress, as well as what you are hoping to achieve. The therapist will be asking questions concerning your current situation, including some of your personal history and the symptoms and level of difficulty or stress you are experiencing. At this time, an initial assessment will be made.

It’s also very normal to experience stress prior to the first counseling session. Most everyone feels this way. It’s important to not let feelings of nervousness or stress or anxiety get in the way of making or keeping an appointment. The feeling of being unsure and stressed usually abates drastically after the first counseling appointment and is typically replaced with relief due to following through and successfully reaching out for help.