Grief & Loss

Have you recently experienced a loss?

Grief is the normal, natural and universal response to the experience of losing someone or something that is important. And while experiencing grief over a loss is very normal, it can also be a very challenging period to go through. There are varying events that a person can experience over the course of their lifetime that can result in feelings of grief, sadness and loss: the death of a loved one, the ending of an important relationship, the loss of a friendship, the loss of a job, the loss of a good reputation due to someone else’s actions or due to your own choices or mistakes, a loss due to physical impairment, the death of a beloved pet or the recognition that one’s life dreams will not be realized. The most commonly described reactions to grief are: shock, denial, anger, guilt and sadness. But in the grief process, we may also experience numbness, fear, confusion, disorientation, and a yearning and a longing for our loved one. Grief may produce restlessness and an inability to sit still. Our sleep and our appetite may be affected. In the midst of our loss and sadness, we may feel dominated by memories and experience a sense of hopelessness for the future. And when unresolved, grief may lead to acute anxiety and depression. When we experience the unthinkable, and are thrust into grief, the world can feel insurmountable. Counseling can be a healthy source of support in moving through active grieving which is a uniquely individual process. Counseling provides a safe and confidential environment to find support in the midst of grief and loss.