Do you feel that in some way your life is stalled or being derailed?  Are you struggling with what to do next?  If so, there is no risk in picking up the phone and making the call.  It is very possible that through this simple action you may be taking the first step towards a better life.  

Sometimes we become so accustomed to circumstances that cause us pain. So much so that we end up thinking that nothing and no one could help us change what is occurring. But that is simply not the truth. The truth is that getting stuck does not need to be a permanent way of living.  Everyone can benefit from the support and feedback of a professional during times of difficulty. Research has shown that to gain lasting change, external support is vital. Otherwise it’s simply too easy to fall back into old habits, damaging forms of attachment and ways of living that feel familiar even when those modes of coping are unhealthy or even dangerous.

It’s my belief that therapy and counseling can make a substantial difference in an individual’s life. It can furnish the environment that leads to safe, effective and lasting improvements in both mental and physical health. It can help increase quality of life, decrease levels of distress, assist in aligning beliefs and actions, support difficult life transition periods, encourage the removal of emotional barriers that are creating stressful life circumstances and bolster a general level of clarity. Therapy can equip individuals to make gains that last long after the therapeutic relationship has ended.