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Cedar Rapids Counseling Professionals is a private counseling practice located in Cedar Rapids Iowa which is owned and established by Cathi Timmerman, a Licensed Independent Social Worker and practitioner with over 25 years’ experience working with individuals, couples, and families.

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How do I know when it’s a time to take action and see a therapist?

Some of the common signs that indicate now may be a good time is when:

  • You are feeling overcome by sadness, anger, disappointment, fear or anxiety.

  • It is difficult to just make it through the day.

  • You feel stuck no matter how hard you try to push through it.

  • You feel alone and it seems as if no one can help.

  • You need to talk to someone in a safe and confidential environment.

How to I know where to go or who to see for counseling in the Cedar Rapids area?

It’s not always easy to sift through the various counseling and psychotherapy professions to determine who would be the best professional to assist in your situation. While there are many competent Counselors, Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Cedar Rapids and Marion, the question is: which one is right for you?  At Cedar Rapids Counseling Professionals we can help you make a more informed decision. Sometimes that may include referring you locally to someone else in Cedar Rapids or Marion area who can better address your needs.

One way to guide that decision is to familiarize yourself in general terms with the differences between a Licensed Independent Social Worker (L.I.S.W), a Psychologist (Ph.D.) and a Psychiatrist (M.D.). Typically, the differences lie in what each may specialize in and what their educational background may be. There are many options of each in Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha.

Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area all have extensive direct clinical experience and receive training in diagnosis, psychological assessment, a variety of psychotherapies and research.

Clinical Social Workers in Iowa have completed a Master’s degree in social work and carry the Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) designation if they are doing psychotherapy.

Psychologists typically have a doctorate and can conduct educational or cognitive evaluations (i.e., IQ testing).

Psychiatrists are medical doctors (M.D.’s) and are the only professional that specializes in mental health who can prescribe medications. Most psychiatrists focus on prescribing the appropriate medication that’s going to work best for that individual and a few also do psychotherapy.

For further information regarding counseling and psychotherapy in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area, please call our office at 319-450-0234.

What We Do:

Psychotherapy: This is a general term for treating mental health problems by talking with a trained mental health provider. It is a therapeutic interaction or treatment contracted between a trained professional and a client, patient, family, couple, or group. The problems addressed are psychological in nature and can vary in terms of their causes, influences, triggers, and potential resolutions.

In psychotherapy, scientifically validated procedures are applied to help people develop healthier interactions and ways of living. There are several approaches to psychotherapy, including Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), Solution Focused Brief (SFBT), Family Systems and other kinds of therapy that help individuals, couples and families work through their difficulties.

During psychotherapy, an individual learns about their condition, moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. With this knowledge the individual can learn how to take action and make healthy decisions as well as learn how to respond to and cope with challenging situations.

The type of psychotherapy that’s right for you will depend on your situation.

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